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Instagram star Daniel Arnold makes living selling photos of New York

One year ago, photography was just a hobby for Daniel Arnold.

Dissatisfied with his corporate job, he would spend his free time wandering the streets of Manhattan capturing odd moments with his camera.

The passion, he says, turned into an obsession, and after posting his work on Instagram he won attention for his skill and his eye for the unusual.

Arnold's following on the social media site grew quickly and he has become something of an Instagram celebrity, with well over 50,000 followers.

He has managed to turn his popularity online into success in real life too - earning $15,000 (£8,925) in a single day by selling photos from his Instagram feed.

He has quit his office job and is now making a living taking pictures.

His work can be seen in digital form on his Instagram feed and in person in his first solo show at the Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art Gallery in San Francisco through June 27.

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