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'Vampire facelifts' and LA's other pre-Oscar beauty tips

We are often told that beauty is on the inside but try telling that to some Los Angeles residents who are going to extreme lengths to enhance their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is nothing new in California of course and new figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that 15.1 million procedures were performed in the US last year.

But during Hollywood's busy awards season some unusual treatments - such as a sheep placenta facial - have become popular among celebrities and partygoers.

The "Vampire FaceLift", in which a patient's own blood is injected into his or her face after being enriched with platelets, is another of the trends (it has not had official approval yet from the US Food and Drug Administration).

The BBC spoke to two doctors offering these treatments in LA.

Produced by Leigh Paterson and Jaime Gonzalez.