Sandy Boville skiing off a balcony railing in St Paul, Minnesota
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Urban skiers hit cities not slopes

Slopestyle skiers made a successful debut at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, eliciting gasps with their stunts and jumps.

Thousands of miles away in northern parts of the US, a growing number of skiers use city settings to perform and film similar tricks.

They scope out urban landscapes to find rails to skid down and walls to slam their skis against. They wait for schools and libraries to close, sometimes emerging only under cover of darkness. They play cat-and-mouse with the police.

The BBC spent the day with three skiers and their cameraman in St Paul, Minnesota. Read more about the rise in urban skiing here.

Produced by Colm O'Molloy, Aidan Lewis and Bill McKenna

Additional footage courtesy of Level 1 Productions

  • 26 Feb 2014