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Will Afghanistan descend into civil war when US troops leave?

Documentary photographer Robert Nickelsberg has been telling stories about life in Afghanistan since 1988, when he accompanied a group of mujahideen across the border from Pakistan.

From the Soviet withdrawal and rise of the Taliban to the US invasion and Nato's decade-long presence, he has captured not just Afghanistan's central role in global politics but also the day-to-day consequences of war, poverty and oppression on the country's people.

Nickelsberg's new book, Afghanistan: A Distant War, chronicles those remarkable changes. He spoke to the BBC about his fear that once US troops leave in 2014 Afghanistan could descend into a civil war similar to the one he witnessed in the 1990s.

Produced by Colm O'Molloy and Kambiz Fattahi

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  • 14 Nov 2013
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