One man's extraordinary thirst for bottled water

For most people a drink of water is a clear, tasteless liquid that quenches the thirst but Faustino Munoz has a lifelong passion for the stuff.

His palate can distinguish between dozens of different sorts of water, a hobby that started as a child, while helping his mother cook.

Sr Munoz has worked in the same shop in Barcelona for around 30 years, as their resident expert on the 200 different bottled waters the shop sells.

And his own personal collection counts more than 1,000 - many of them limited editions worth a small fortune.

Faustino spoke to BBC News about his thirst for the not so simple glass of water.

Real Time is a series for the BBC News website in which ordinary people tell their own extraordinary stories.

Video journalist: Tom Burridge. With thanks to Carolina Valladares Perez.