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Up Next: The man who wants electric cars to be art

The worlds of the art dealer and the car dealer may seem very different - but one man wants to bring them together.

Kenny Schachter is an art dealer and gallery owner, who also has a passion for cars.

With the slow rise of electric cars and 3D printing, he sees a future where cars are more like works of art: created in small numbers, rather than being mass-produced and all looking broadly the same.

At his lock-up garage in east London, he showed off his two "concept vehicles", designed by his friend and associate, internationally-renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

A three-wheeler model designed for city and motorway travel has been abandoned as "impractical", said Mr Schachter. Instead, he is concentrating on a four-wheel concept, which is solely designed as a city car - range being a perennial problem for the electric vehicle.

Road safety regulations are another problem for his project, he admits, though he and Zaha Hadid are willing to make concessions in their designs in order to meet them.

Mr Schachter is still in talks with potential manufacturers about his concept car. Meanwhile, a boat that he designed with Hadid has begun a production run of 12 in Germany, with two already sold.

Video Journalist: Dougal Shaw

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