Jeremiah Arbogast
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US Marine Jeremiah Arbogast: male rape in military is 'about power'

A study by the US Defense Department estimates 26,000 men and women in the military were subject to some level of unwanted sexual contact in 2012.

Campaigners say these latest Pentagon figures reveal the true scale of the problem and also highlight how victims are reluctant to ask their commanders to investigate.

The official statistics show that only 3,374 incidents were reported in 2012; just 302 cases pursued by victims were actually prosecuted.

Although the debate has focused on the abuse of women in the military - they make up 15% of military personnel but are much more likely to be attacked - the Pentagon report says thousands of men are also victims.

Former US Marine Jeremiah Arbogast was sexually assaulted and raped by a staff sergeant on a base. He talked to the BBC about the military sexual trauma he suffered and how it affected his life.

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  • 08 Jul 2013
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