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Meet the man who cycles nearly 100 miles a day, every day

Steve Hamilton cycles between 80-100 miles every working day. That makes 22,000 miles a year. And every mile covered on crowded, traffic-laden central London streets is done on a bike he bought for a fiver.

Steve is one of around 500 bicycle couriers who operate in and around central London.

It is a dangerous and hazardous job. Nine couriers have been killed on London's streets, and because of the obvious risks couriers find it impossible to get life insurance.

Most are self-employed - so not entitled to sick pay or holiday pay - and are paid by the job.

For that reason, Steve has worked every weekday bar one for the past year and a half. His speed and work ethic won him the accolade of 'courier of the year' for 2012.

He gave BBC News a glimpse into his extraordinary daily routine.

Video journalist: Dan Curtis

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