Ex-Amish rodeo cowgirl and mother of six

Esther Miller is a mother of six from Sugarcreek in the US state of Ohio. She is also a cowgirl and professional rodeo rider.

Raised in a traditional Amish family where young girls did not join in such athletic pursuits, Esther always dreamed of barrel racing on horseback.

When Esther grew up she left the Amish community, a Christian community whose members generally shun modern conveniences such as electricity, televisions and cars.

Now 37, she has won several competitions in the six years since turning professional. In 2011 the Southern Extreme Bull Ride and Barrel Race Association awarded her the Barrel Horse of the Year prize.

Her sister Melinda, who remains part of the Amish community, regularly watches her race at rodeos. And Esther says she still speaks German to her horse.

The BBC spent the day with Esther and her family at their home as well as at the Holmes County Fair Rodeo, in Millersburg, Ohio.

Produced by Anna Bressanin;camera by Chris Eadicicco.