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Professional skipper jumps ahead

Robbie Csontos grew up playing football and wrestling, but he fell in love with another sport - skipping, known as jump rope in his native US. Now he jumps professionally, teaching classes and performing for shows like Cirque Du Soleil.

Recently, he participated in the World Jump Rope Championship, where the world's best jumpers compete and show off their skills. After the competition, Csontos and other top jumpers helped put on a camp for aspiring skippers.

Participants in the sport say it is an ultimate test of co-ordination, endurance and athleticism, and hope it will eventually get the support it needs to qualify for the Olympics.

Csontos talked to the BBC at the World Jump Rope Championship and Camp, a program for young jumpers around the world to learn from competitors like Csontos. There, he showed off some of his signature moves.

Produced by Kate Dailey. Filmed by Glenn Osten Anderson. Edited by Bill McKenna