The New Yorker covers we were never meant to see

The New Yorker magazine, created in 1925, is famous in the US and around the world for both the diversity of its writing and the cartoons that grace its front cover.

In Francoise Mouly's new book, Blown Covers, the New Yorker art director takes readers on a visual tour of some of the more striking images that never made it to print.

Ms Mouly says: "I work with cartoonists who try to come up with funny images that are capturing everything that's happening around us.

"But in order to do that, I have to do a very, very difficult job, which is choose one out of the many."

Over her 19 years at the magazine, Ms Mouly estimates she has rejected as many as 10,000 cover images.

Produced by the BBC's Matt Danzico

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