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Blueseed's start-up ship to steer past US immigration laws

A Silicon Valley start-up called Blueseed wants to convert a cruise ship into a floating centre for foreign workers who cannot get visas to work in the US.

The ship would sit in international waters roughly 12 miles (20 kilometres) off the California coast in order to bring foreign entrepreneurs closer to the technology capital.

Blueseed president Dario Mutabdzija says ferries will take the heads of the small companies back and forth each day to attend meetings on land with venture capitalists.

More than 700 start-ups have expressed an interest in working from the boat, which will also offer housing and recreational services.

Mr Mutabdzija says the idea for the vessel was conceived because of the difficulty entrepreneurs face when trying to obtain B-1 US business visitor visas.

The BBC's Matt Danzico took to the water to find out more.