Data scientist carves out new life as sculptor

In the beginning, Edward Tufte kept his focus two-dimensional.

As an accomplished statistician and scientist, he was renowned for creating charts, graphs and schematics that helped companies and governments find patterns and problems.

In his role consulting for organisations like Nasa and IBM, he turned thousands of data points into clean, detailed and comprehensive images.

But as his career progressed, he was drawn to sculpture, and the infinite possibilities that came with designing in three dimensions.

Now, his skill with design and detail is no longer confined to the screen, but instead utilised to create giant metal works that incorporate light, movement and nature.

Mr Tufte discusses how his work as a scientist influences his art, including an ambitious new 50-acre project called The Silent Walls.

Produced for the BBC by Irina Khokhlova. Additional footage courtesy of ET by Andrei Severny.

BBC News