I'm Alice and I have Tourette's
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I'm Alice and I have Tourette's

Alice Franklin, 25, is one of 300,000 people in the UK with Tourette’s syndrome.

For Alice, the condition manifests itself in uncontrollable body movements or "tics" – jerking, twitching, punching walls and windows and involuntarily collapsing to the floor.

It is a life-changing condition with which Alice has lived for more than three years – but for her and thousands like her, therapy is not readily available.

In fact, a survey shared exclusively with 5 Live Investigates by the charity Tourettes Action, shows that even when a diagnosis has eventually been made, most people are not given medication or directed to any form of behavioural therapy. And even when they are, it can take years to access.

  • 20 Jan 2019
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