Cornish nursing home worker: 'Morphine will shut her up'

A series of shocking incidents in a privately run residential nursing home in Cornwall has been secretly filmed by the BBC.

The Panorama undercover film shows a nurse saying she will give morphine to a resident "to shut her up".

The footage was recorded by a reporter posing as a care assistant.

The home where the incident took place, Clinton House in St Austell, is being closed.

The Panorama team raised safeguarding concerns with the local authority.

The Morleigh Group, which runs the home, has suspended the nurse pending an investigation.

The group said it had already dismissed the home's manager before it became aware of Panorama's investigation.

Panorama: Nursing Homes Under Cover will be broadcast at 20.30 GMT on BBC One on Monday 21 November. If you miss it you can catch up online.