Cost of care: 'Self-funders shouldn't be subsidising the system'

At the age of 68, Ann Reid from Eastbourne has had more experience than most of the care system.

Her grandmother and husband both had dementia, and her mother, now 96, has dementia and lives in a nursing home nearby.

Ann's mother had to sell her house to pay her care costs; she has been in care for almost nine years and has spent £222,000 in fees.

However, if she had been paid for by the local authority, it would have been charged £84,000 less for exactly the same care.

Ann thinks that it is wrong that self-funders like her mother are "subsidising" the system.

"The problem is that the local authorities are not paying a decent going rate for residential care costs. So self-funders that are living in the same homes are having to pay more to 'top up' the system".

Filmed & edited by Julius Peacock. Produced by Sophie Woodcock.

BBC News