Cost of care: 'Planning for my future has always been important'

Helen Center is 79 years old and has just downsized to a three-roomed flat in South Croydon.

She is fit, well, and lives life to the full, but knows that the time may come when she needs to go into care.

"This is a time in my life when it's important to make memories, so that when I'm in care I can then sit there and reflect on the things that I've done".

Helen has ring-fenced a sum of money to pay for any care fees and has sought professional financial advice from later life adviser, Catriona Lumiste, to help her get the best out of her future:

"My family need to know that I'm looking after myself. And that I'm not going to be wholly reliant on them. It's made me realise how important it is that I make decisions while I have control and while I have choices."

Filmed & edited by Julius Peacock. Produced by Sophie Woodcock.