Care calculator: 'Home care has cost us all our savings'

Sixty-four-year old Viv Galley gave up her job four years ago to care for her husband Bill at their family home in Stockport.

Bill suffered from Alzheimer's disease but sadly passed away at the age of 71, shortly after this film was made.

In their last interview as a couple, Viv told us how caring for Bill was a full-time job, and one that she did "because you love him and you married him; and for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health".

The couple had spent their life savings on Bill's care, and ended up relying on council-funded support towards the end.

"When Bill took ill we had £46,000 in our savings account. I thought, oh well we'll be fine…but it just goes…and I worry how I'm going to survive then. Because there will be nothing left for my old age."

Camera: Steve Fildes. Editing: Julius Peacock. Producer: Sophie Woodcock.