Olga Kotelko - jumping for a world record
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Olga Kotelko: The 95-year-old athletic champion

At 95 years old, Olga Kotelko would be forgiven for sitting on the sidelines as people 60 years her junior jump over poles and throw javelins into the distance.

But this sprightly five-foot Canadian joins in - in a big way.

This year she became the oldest recorded female indoor sprinter, high jumper, long jumper and triple jumper at the World Masters Athletics Championships.

Olga now has over 30 world records to her name and has won over 750 gold medals.

But she says she sees herself nothing special, describing herself "as just a plain Jane".

Olga took to the athletics track at the age of 77.

As one of 11 siblings brought up on farm, she has always been active - there were always cows to milk and chores to be done.

She has now outlived all her siblings and most of her friends but when asked what her secret is, she says there isn't one.

"I think your age is just a number. It's not your birthday, it's how you age which makes the difference."

"It's your attitude to all the things that happen in your life that plays the biggest part."

Photograph courtesy of Alex Rotas

Video journalist: Smitha Mundasad

  • 06 May 2014
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