The sensation of drink... without the alcohol

Almost 9,000 people die from conditions related to alcohol each year in the UK.

A former government drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt, believes it is possible to have the sensation of alcohol - minus the risk to your health.

But the power of the drinks industry means that it would be difficult to bring this product to market.

Professor Nutt, says that not only has he identified compounds that can give the sensation of alcohol, but also one which can reverse those effects - meaning people could become instantly sober - and he is trying to find investors willing to develop the idea.

He said: "I think this would be a serious revolution in health... just like the e-cigarette is going to revolutionise the smoking of tobacco.

"I find it weird that we haven't been speaking about this before, as it's such a target for health improvement."

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday 11 November 2013.