Black Lives Matter: Orchestra creates music inspired by iconic moment

Chineke! Orchestra has created a body of work inspired by Patrick Hutchinson, who was hailed a hero after carrying a man to safety during clashes between anti-racism protesters and counter-protesters in London in June.

The now-iconic image shows Mr Hutchinson lifting the injured man over his shoulder during the Black Lives Matter protest.

Chi-chi Nwanoku, the founder and artistic director of the Chineke! Orchestra, described Patrick Hutchinson's actions as a "momentous act of humanity...on the streets of London, when something that could have turned out to have been a fatal situation, ended up being a moment when a life was saved."

The piece, composed by James B. Wilson and including powerful poetry by Yomi Sode, was commissioned by the Southbank Centre after the incident took place on the steps of the London arts centre.

Patrick Hutchinson sat in the audience for the orchestra's first dress rehearsal, and said the music nearly brought him to tears.

Chineke! is Europe's first majority Asian, Black and ethnically diverse orchestra.

Photo of Patrick Hutchinson and protester, Credit: Dylan Martinez/Reuters