Tony Garnett, film and television producer
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Garnett: 'Cathy let everybody off the hook'

The 1966 drama Cathy Come Home, which followed a family becoming homeless, was not "political enough", the film's producer Tony Garnett has told BBC HARDtalk.

"Cathy let everybody off the hook," said Mr Garnett, "It didn't put the boot in where it should have done," he added.

When the film was made homelessness was not that huge and most people did not know about it, explained Mr Garnett.

"Now there is a huge problem of homelessness and of housing, acknowledged by everyone. Television has a little documentary every week or two on it and it is all over the newspapers and nobody cares," he said.

Mr Garnett produced some of the most memorable British television dramas, focusing on homeless, illegal abortion and police corruption.

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  • 04 Jul 2016