Grayson Perry dresses down for Palace date

Prince Charles has presented artist Grayson Perry with his CBE at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

The 53-year-old ceramicist, who famously wore a Little Bo Peep dress to accept his Turner prize in 2003, was rather respectably dressed for the occasion in a dark blue dress and hat.

Perry was being rewarded for his services to contemporary art.

Speaking after his investiture, Perry said he was wearing his "Italian mother of the bride outfit".

"When I got the call (about the CBE) my first thought was what am I going to wear.

"It's a serious thing, I'm not going to compromise my identity as Britain's pre-eminent transvestite. I googled to see what people wore and went for the sexier end."

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said that Perry's "attire was entirely appropriate".

Speaking about his honour, Perry said: "Receiving this was great, it's not just for me it's for all the artists - no really it's just for me, for 30 years of hard graft."

Clip courtesy of British Ceremonial Arts