Acosta tackles Don Quixote

He has possibly one of the most recognised names in modern day ballet, but Carlos Acosta is not resting on his laurels.

Last year the Royal Ballet asked the dancer to turn choreographer with his choice of ballet and Acosta decided to bring his own adaptation of Don Quixote to the Royal Opera House's stage.

It is hardly surprising that Acosta describes it as his biggest challenge yet, as he has decided to dance the title role as well as direct this, his first full length ballet, which is in 3 acts and over 3 hours long.

Although tickets for the performances where Acosta plays Don Q are sold out, there are more chances to see the ballet supremo in action as the production is beamed to over a thousand screens worldwide on 16 October.

And when the run is over, Acosta has plenty of other projects on the go.

The new father's first novel 'Pig's Foot' is being published soon and he is trying to establish his own free ballet school in his native Cuba.