Maureen Lipman: The day my skirt fell off on stage

In a recent performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - which recently opened in London's West End - the glass lift got stuck stranding the stars in mid-air.

Some theatregoers say they cherish these moments as they enhance the show, but how is it for the actors?

Speaking to the Today programme about mishaps she has experienced on stage, actress Maureen Lipman said: "My worst was when I was quite young.

"I was in Candida in the West End. I had a small part but I opened the play and my skirt fell off."

The actor and write Michael Simkins explained that "audiences love being taken into the [actors'] confidence when there's a mess-up on stage.

"It's an absolutely delightful moment, audiences love it because often after a major mess-up, the rest of the show goes like a bomb because the audience suddenly feel like part of the cast."

First broadcast on the Today programme on Tuesday 2 July.

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