Stewart Jackson
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Booing greets Tory MP Stewart Jackson's Peterborough victory speech

An impassioned victory speech in Peterborough from re-elected Conservative MP Stewart Jackson was met with jeering and boos as he criticised Labour's election campaign.

"I have fought a positive campaign and what is sad about the Labour Party is their negative, churlish, and mean-spirited campaign in this city,'' he said.

''I'll tell you what they are - they are three-time losers.''

He accused the party of trying to buy the seat with union money and described the Labour Party as "intellectually barren" and "useless, backward-looking losers".

He added: "Learn some humility. You've had a kicking tonight. There's plenty more to come."

Labour candidate Lisa Forbes later said: "There are a lot of people out there who don't think Stewart is representing them.

"I've met them. I've met people that are living by candle light, people that are using food banks in this city, people that are on zero-hour contracts. And there's a real fear as well we can lose our NHS.

"When he thinks about the amount of votes he got and the amount of people that voted against him, that should make him go away and think and be a bit more humble actually."

  • 08 May 2015
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