Keeping disruptive pupils in education

In 2013, 146,000 young people were excluded from classrooms, 3,900 on a permanent basis.

Most excluded children end up in pupil referral units, where less than 20% get five GCSEs at any grade.

Baverstock Academy is opposed to permanently excluding disruptive pupils and will go to almost any lengths to keep them in mainstream education.

The school hopes its exam success will change the way the education system deals with difficult students and set the pattern for how these young people are treated in the future.

Panorama followed the students in the run-up to exams to see if the school can honour its pledge to keep disruptive pupils in school as well as get them five GCSEs.

Watch the whole programme, Panorama: Last Chance Academy on BBC 1, on Wednesday 27 August at 9pm.

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