'We're temporarily cancelling your career'

At the start of this year, 2020, barely three months ago, we all said it was going to be the year we'd all nail it. New job, getting married, holiday-of-a-lifetime, kicking any low confidence in the face, the works. Then coronavirus came along.

So, now all your plans have been shelved, how do you cope with the uncertainty when you’re also just starting a new career?

Blind YouTuber and freelance journalist Lucy Edwards was all set to present for Radio 1 and get married this summer, then both got cancelled, along with a calendar full of paid jobs.

And while Ellis's first shift in his new job for the World Service was taken over by a small virus in a Chinese city called Wuhan, he never expected to be moving back to The Wirral and taking up hand-cycling when that virus went global ... and he also didn't imagine he’d have to school his 81-year-old grandma in the use of FaceTime.

Presented by Beth Rose. A full transcript is available here.

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