Getting a fashion fix as a disabled model

Caitlin Leigh and Brinston Tchana were both young adults when they became disabled and started using wheelchairs.

Caitlin loved experimenting with her hair before developing alopecia, at which point she shaved it all off. She started using a wheelchair to remain safe when she has a seizure.

Brinston was about to sign as a professional footballer when he was paralysed in a car crash.

Both felt their identities had been stripped away when they became disabled and were fed up of people looking at them, so they decided to get into fashion and really give people something to stare at. It’s lead to top modelling jobs for them.

This podcast might be about fashion but it's the deepest disability dive you'll hear before 2020 arrives. Enjoy.

Presented by Natasha Lipman. A full transcript is available here.

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