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The Archbishop of Canterbury on daughters, disability and mental health

The Archbishop of Canterbury and two of his daughters talk frankly about their experiences of disability and mental health and how the church can be more inclusive.

In her first interview, Ellie Welby chats about her learning disability and how she can feel on the edge of church-life. Her sister, Katharine, warns that offering to pray for someone could be side-stepping a more important opportunity to talk to them about their worries.

Archbishop Justin also reveals his surprising TV choices and his plans for the upcoming christening of Prince Louis.

Vicar of Dibley co-writer and comedy producer, Paul Mayhew-Archer joins the Welby family in the studio to talk about life with Parkinson's Disease and his new Edinburgh show and published author, Frasier, who's just 10-years-old, charms everyone with his book about refugees.

Presented by Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty. A full transcript is available here.