How I met my disabled partner
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How I met my disabled partner

It's a source of anxiety for many disabled people that they will be forever overlooked in the love stakes, or that it might be too hard for some people to keep a relationship going with them.

On this week's takeover show from Ouch, three non-disabled women, Mel, Jo and Candy discuss the life they have with their disabled partners.

Find out how Candy reacted when someone assumed she was either a carer or getting payment for being with her partner. What special circumstances led to Mel being particularly positive about dating a disabled man. And how Jo thinks communication is the absolute key. Plus much more in an in-depth edition of the podcast you won't want to miss.

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We'd like to hear about your relationship and how you make it work. Or perhaps you don't have a partner and believe your impairment is at the heart of the situation.

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  • 18 Feb 2018