Storytelling Live: Tales of the Misunderstood

Awkward! This week’s podcast, the first of two recorded live in Scotland, is all about a badly timed dislocation, a wheelchair user who stunned a nun by walking and the depressed man who got too good at pretending to like people.

BBC Ouch recently took five listeners and two comedians to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they told awkward tales relating to their disability or mental health difficulty to a live audience.

It happened to Abbi Brown, when she stunned a praying Parisian nun by getting up and walking away from her wheelchair.

Angela Clarke forgot to tell a masseuse that her bones regularly dislocate, with predictably humorous consequences.

Mark Granger’s social butterfly persona masks his depression and difficulty around people so well that even the briefest of interactions can give them the wrong impression – especially single ladies.

And awkward interactions with people won’t stop comedian Juliette Burton talking about her mental health and eating disorders at gigs.

Presented by Sofie Hagen. Produced by Ed Morrish. A full transcript is available here.

This is the first of two podcasts from Ouch’s Storytelling Live event in Scotland. Next week we’ll meet Lost Voice Guy, an autistic woman with hair-envy and the man with a surprising Al Pacino-related strategy for combating his non-epileptic seizures.

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