Meet the mum who washes her clothes in cola to help her skin condition

Meet the mum with ADHD whose video rant went viral, the woman who washes her clothes in cola to help her skin condition, and the chronic illness blogger who has turned her back on clean eating.

Andrea Bell and her two sons have forms of Attention Deficit Disorder - she tells how a diagnosis changed their lives. Now she runs a charity helping others in the same boat and why she sees the disability as a plus.

Australian blogger and podcaster Carly Findlay rounds-up the social media from this month - #DisabledAndCute - and describes living with the rare skin condition ichthyosis.

In order to fix her chronic illness, Natasha Lipman had been obsessive about so-called "clean eating". She was a guest on the programme in 2014 when she ran the Nutritiously Natasha blog and now returns to explain why she now rejects restrictive diets and blames social media for pushing her into an unhealthy lifestyle.

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