CEO Secrets: How to make a small business really big

Think about how you can "scale up" your company from the moment you set it up. That's one piece of recurring advice we've been hearing on CEO Secrets, our series where we ask prominent bosses to share their business advice.

But what's it like to turn a very small company into a huge, multinational one? In the age of the internet and the app store, it's more possible than ever to take a business idea from bedroom to global boardroom.

So for this web documentary we asked four of our CEOs to tell us what the journey is actually like to go from a small company to a huge one.

We spoke to Jessica Butcher, co-founder of Blippar, Michael Tamblyn, head of Kobo, Alex Depledge, co-founder of and Bill Veghte, a tech industry veteran who headed Survey Monkey from 2015 to 2016.

Filmed, edited, written and produced by Dougal Shaw

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