Greg Snell and his winepod
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Second chance for wine-making machine entrepreneur?

The Californian entrepreneur behind an automated wine-making machine has told the BBC about the collapse and subsequent revival of his firm.

Greg Snell combined his experience in the silicon chip business, and his interest in wine, to invent the WinePod - a steel machine that can crush grapes, and control sugar and temperature levels to produce wine - in a person's home.

He says: "Of course you can just go to the store and buy a bottle of wine - but if you want to share a bottle that you created and it's good, that's a completely different experience."

Mr Snell's business had to close down due to the global financial crisis - but people kept on contacting him about sourcing a WinePod, and he decided to re-launch this year.

"[This time] we're going to try to grow slowly and profitably, rather than try to prove that we can conquer the world within a year or two, so that we can get another round of investment," he says.

  • 21 Nov 2013