Middle class people around the world
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What being middle class means to you

Over the past two months the BBC has profiled the massive growth of the new middle class in developing economies around the world.

We have looked at the changes in the lives of the middle classes and the impact they are having on their communities and the global balance of power.

To end the season we asked our viewers and listeners to tell us what being middle class means to them.

We chose five people, Paras Vikmani from Mumbai in India, Tawanda Mudzonga from Harare in Zimbabwe, Robin Iriawan, an Indonesian student living in South Korea, Mark Reasbeck from Tennessee in the United States and Carolyn Tristram who lives in Christchurch in England.

They share with us their hopes and disappointments, their fears and their personal challenges.

Being middle class means different things to each of our contributors but their values are similar despite their different geographical locations.

Produced by Andree Massiah and Sally Taft

  • 02 Aug 2013