Amira, not her real name, can't be identified for security reasons
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100 Women 2015 Good Girls/Syria: 'Everyone has deserted us'

'Amira' (not her real name as she cannot be identified for security reasons), is 15 years old and lives in a rebel held area outside Damascus.

She has witnessed the horror of the Syrian civil war. Her family, like many others, lost their house after suffering fierce bombings by the government security forces.

She wishes she could go to school (in a basement) every day, but sometimes the risk of shelling or barrel bombs makes it almost impossible.

Her story is part of a series of six short films for the BBC 100 Women season called 'Good Girl', in which young women around the world talk about the pressure to fit in with society's expectations.

Video produced by Muzna Al-Naib, Amira, and Vladimir Hernandez.

Our 100 Women season showcases two weeks of inspirational stories about the BBC 100 Women and others who defy stereotypes around the world.

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  • 30 Nov 2015
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