Reporting by Nora Fakim
Pictures by Phil Coomes

Celebrating our mixed-race identity

Meghan Markle is set to become the first dual-heritage member of the Royal Family. She’s spoken of the difficulties of defining her ethnicity. Here, four people from mixed backgrounds pick out the objects that define them.

Mauritian and Indian

British, Moroccan,

Nora Fakim

Seashell - collected by my father from a Mauritian beach
Hand of Fatima - given to me by my Morroccan cousin

White English and Ghanaian

Ethan Boachie-Barrance

Kente cloth - traditional Ghanaian garment
Pocket watch - given to my great-great-grandfather in London during WW1

Irish and Jamaican

Jessica Diamond

Potato farls - an Irish food I love

Here Comes the Sun - shows the realities of queer people in the Caribbean

of Indian descent

Jamaican and Kenyan

Black-Asian mixed

Bilal Khan

Plantain and seasoning - to represent my Jamaican heritage

Brent Borough of Culture flyer - it's the place I grew up