Reporting by Marie Jackson
Pictures by Marco Kesseler, Bex Wade and Charles McQuillan

Going to the wedding

1,200 tickets for the public. 66 million Britons to choose from. Meet three who made the royal wedding guest list.

Jorja Furze, 12

Ambassador for charity Steel Bones

Jorja is wearing one sparkly shoe and one deep pink blade to the wedding. Missing a leg from birth, she now lends an ear to other young amputees. “Someone is going to say something to try to bring you down,” she says, but adds: “I try my best to help.”

Jorja Furze

I get to go and Donald Trump doesn't

Laura Gill, 31

Charity worker and campaigner

The wedding will be hard for Laura - she has autism and learning disabilities - but she’s excited. Invited for her charity work - “I’m non-stop,” she says - she set up The Monday Night Club, a safe but buzzing place for young people like her to meet.

Laura Gill's mum, Helen

She works so hard and so many people benefit from what she does

Philip Gillespie, 30

Veteran and charity campaigner

Philip was wounded in Afghanistan, but as he puts it: “The Taliban took a leg, I wouldn't want them to take my life.” Soldiers' charity ABF helped him rebuild and now Philip is their public face. Next stop: The Invictus Games.

Philip Gillespie

Prince Harry likes to look after veterans. He’s a good guy in my book