Reporting by Laura Lea
Pictures by Emma Lynch

Making Meghan's dress

The design has been one of the most closely guarded secrets of the royal wedding, but that hasn’t stopped speculation on everything from Meghan Markle’s veil to her hemline. Here, four fashion students share their ideas for a modern royal bride.

Kingston School of Art

Sydney Cassidy

“Meghan is such a strong female,” says Sydney, and her dress is too - structured, with elements of a suit. They're a new generation of royals, she adds: “This dress would reflect that.”

Kingston School of Art

Hannah Creak

Hannah's creation was inspired by images of a young Queen visiting the Commonwealth in bright floral dresses. But it doesn't come with a princely price tag - the underskirt is made from curtain material.

Kingston School of Art

Emily Radforth

Hollywood meets military, Emily mixes velvet and satin with leather. She agrees it would have royal fans choking on their sandwiches, but hopes Meghan would feel “empowered” and “a little bit sexy”.

University of East London

Sydney Garrett

Sydney was inspired by special occasions in her own childhood. “Easter Sunday is such a big day in the black African-American community. You’d always get a white puffy dress.” She also included elements, like the collar, from Meghan's mother's wedding dress.