B-52 bomber makes emergency landing at RAF Mildenhall

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Image copyright Jack Ellis
Image caption The B-52 had an "in-flight emergency"

A B-52 plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing after an "in-flight emergency".

The American bomber could be seen circling over the RAF Mildenhall area before it touched down on the runway at about 19:00 BST on Monday.

Officials said they could not give details of the emergency as the aircraft was "supporting several exercises from a Stateside base".

People in the area said the landing "caused a big stir".

Image copyright Jack Ellis
Image caption Emergency services were on hand when the plane came into land at Mildenhall

A RAF Mildenhall spokeswoman said the B-52 landed at the US Air Force base "after calling in an in-flight emergency".

It is understood two of the aircraft's eight engines shut down.

Laura Ellis, who lives near RAF Lakenheath and was with her son Jack, 10, said: "The B-52s don't normally land here, they normally go to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire so that's why it caused a stir.

"It wasn't until people knew it had a problem that it caused even more of a stir.

"Once you knew it had engine failure, you wanted it to get down OK and for everyone to be safe."

Image copyright Jack Ellis
Image caption The bomber plane had to be hosed down as soon as it touched down

Ms Ellis, 39, who works at Lakenheath Primary School, said emergency services were on hand for when the plane landed and it was hosed down immediately because it had overheated.

She said it was the first one she had seen in five years and she was told there had only been one other land at Mildenhall in 18 years.

"It was very noisy and very big.

"We go all over the country to different air shows and I've seen them static but I've never seen one flying, you can hear the engines almost screaming," she said.