BBC Young Reporter - Coronavirus: Tell us your stories about the pandemic

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This opportunity is now closed. To find out more about opportunities for young people go to the BBC Young Reporter website.

BBC Young Reporter is helping young people share their stories of how coronavirus is impacting on their lives.

The project offers 11-18 year olds across the UK the chance to report with BBC programmes and platforms.

A special online uploader has been created to enable young people to contact the BBC securely by text, video or using audio and suggest a story idea or question.

If you want to share a suggestion upload it HERE.

Why do we want your story?

The BBC wants to hear from young people about how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting on them and their families.

We want to ensure young people's voices and lives are reflected across BBC programmes and platforms.

We'll be looking to share the most unique and original stories with a range of BBC teams - from Newsbeat to Newsround and Radio 5 Live to The One Show.

What sort of stories do we want to hear?

We are looking for stories that are original and really reflect how coronavirus is uniquely impacting on young people's lives.

Is there something in particular that has affected your family or community that hasn't been reported on yet?

What is helping you dealing with the new way we are all having to live our lives?

Have you developed a unique way to deal with social distancing and doing school at home - maybe you have some tips you can share with others?

And don't forget news doesn't have to be negative so if you've got a positive story you think other people would like to know tell us them too!

What makes a great news story? Get some more advice here.

Want some tips about filming on your phone or laptop? Get some advice here.

Need support?

We appreciate that this is a difficult and uncertain time for many people of all ages.

If you are a young person who is worried or anxious then please speak to an adult. There is also plenty of help and support on the Childline website here.

The BBC Advice Line has information about the BBC coverage of coronavirus and further support services available here.

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