Global Questions in Sydney: Ask your question

Image source, Getty Images

Global Questions is heading to Sydney, Australia, to ask what the future of multiculturalism may be.

Multiculturalism was once the dream of many countries around the world, encouraging ethnically diverse cultures to live side by side in harmony. But critics say that dream has failed: that too many communities live separately - pursuing segregation rather than integration, fuelling dangerous resentment.

Australia is a young country built on immigration, where many cultures now live together.

However, even here there are real tensions, and the world recoiled in revulsion when a self-avowed Australian racist and white supremacist massacred 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand.

So in this mobile, globalised world, is multiculturalism failing, and if so, what needs to replace it?

Global Questions will be in Sydney on 13 June to take your questions.

Tell us what you want to put to our panel. If you're in Sydney, join us in the audience for the discussion.

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