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As the state of Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of its creation, Global Questions travels to Jerusalem to ask what the next 70 years might bring.

Ever since its birth, Israel has been dominated by conflict with Palestinians and its neighbouring Arab states. Is more conflict inevitable or could there be a lasting peace that allows the next generation to live without war?

The Middle East is awaiting President Trump's much anticipated peace plan - billed as the "deal of the century". But the Palestinians see America's Embassy move to Jerusalem as a dangerously provocative gesture. A quarter of a century on from the Oslo Accords, what chance is there now of the "two-state solution", where an independent Palestinian state sits alongside Israel?

Global Questions brings together a high-profile panel and an audience of young Palestinians and Israelis to see whether they believe the next 70 years could bring an end to the conflict that has scarred the region for so long.

Global Questions is broadcast on BBC World News Television and BBC World Service Radio English.

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