Saudi 'rift' and Osborne's '£26,000 an hour'

The Daily Telegraph's front page focuses on what it says is a "rift" between Boris Johnson and Theresa May. It claims their relationship is "looking increasingly strained" after the prime minister rebuked the foreign secretary for his comments that Saudi Arabia was "playing proxy wars" in the Middle East.

Image caption The Guardian's front page says Boris Johnson's allies have defended the foreign secretary for his comments on Saudi Arabia. The paper claims several Conservative MPs have said the prime minister "should not have been so quick to criticise" him.
Image caption "So why are our soldiers facing a new witch-hunt?" is the headline on the front of the Daily Mail. It quotes Theresa May as saying "we will never again let human rights lawyers harass the bravest of the brave" as it leads on criticisms made of the decision by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to re-examine every British Army killing during the Troubles.
Image caption The Sun's front page reports that former SAS soldier Andy McNab believes he will be involved in the investigation into killings by British troops during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. A photo of Melanie Hamrick, who has given birth to Mick Jagger's eighth child, also makes the front page.
Image caption Britain has poured hundreds of millions of pounds from its poverty relief fund into Pakistan's version of Amazon, Chinese restaurant chains and online gambling websites, claims the Times as it leads on its own investigation into foreign aid spending.
Image caption "I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor," is the headline on the front of the i newspaper, which leads on a speech delivered by MP Michelle Thomson in the House of Commons in which she revealed she had been raped as a teenager. She spoke out in a debate about eliminating violence against women.
Image caption "Osborne's £26,000 an hour" is the headline in the Daily Mirror, which reports that MP George Osborne has made £500,000 from nine speeches made following his six years as "austerity chancellor".
Image caption The Express front page says Britain is making plans to house a "record number" of asylum seekers and claims the Home Office has ordered accommodation providers to "improve and increase its stock". The paper also reports on the news that Mick Jagger has become a father for the eighth time at the age of 73.
Image caption The Metro front page reports that human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, who is accused of making money by pursuing claims against British troops serving in war zones, faces being struck off after admitting misconduct charges. Its headline reads: "Marching orders!"
Image caption The Financial Times leads on the decision of the European Central Bank to scale back the amount of bonds it buys every month from €80bn (£67bn) to €60bn (£50bn). The newspaper reports the bank has said the move does not mark the end of its quantitative easing programme.
Image caption The Daily Star pictures a man dressed as Father Christmas sitting in the sunshine on its front page as it reveals bookmakers have seen a surge in bets that the temperature on Christmas Day will hit the current record of 15.6C.