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Cashier's kindness goes viral

Cashier Lin helps Amanda's daughter to scan the family's shopping Image copyright Amanda Wilkins
Image caption Cashier Lin helps Amanda's daughter to scan the family's shopping

A mother's Facebook post thanking a supermarket cashier who helped calm her blind and autistic daughters during a shopping trip has gone viral.

Amanda Wilkins described how her children became overwhelmed while shopping at a branch of Morrisons and had a "meltdown", prompting a kind response from a cashier named Lin.

Amanda posted a "massive thank you" along with a photo of Lin helping her daughter to scan the family's shopping. She praised her patience with the girls.

She said it was a "dream come true" for her daughter Holly "who loves playing 'shops'", adding that "little acts of kindness make a massive difference to my world".

Image copyright Amanda Wilkins

Her post has been shared widely - more than 90,000 times by midday on Monday, along with over half a million likes.

Image copyright Simon Nellis

Morrisons' manager at Basingstoke, Simon Nellis, responded: "That's my Lin!"

Another mother, Samantha Elliott, added to the praise that has been circulating rapidly on the site: "Our daughter adores her. Lin has always made such a fuss over our little girl Bella and even let Bella sit in her fab car when we spotted her leaving work one day. Morrisons are very lucky to have such a lovely lady working there," she posted.

Many people have been reacting to the post as well as sharing, with Jilly Sanderson Black saying: "Well done Lin... We need more of you in this world xx"

Image copyright Pari pun

Anita Bennett said: "This lady always has a big smile on her face. Nothing is too much trouble for her, she deserves to be congratulated by the managers. Also I love looking at her amazing hair and make-up. Lovely lady."

Image copyright John Fairbairn

Jackie Kinge posted: "She is lovely. Very helpful with everyone. Employee of the year she should be."

And Charlene Hewlett commented: "This lady is always so happy and makes such an effort with every person she serves! Great to see her being recognised. Keep up the great work! ☺"

Image copyright Simon Nellis

In addition to all of the social media praise, manager Mr Nellis presented Lin with a bouquet of flowers from the team.

Compiled by Sherie Ryder