Plaid Cymru's 'unofficial conference'

At times it feels as if there have been two Plaid conferences going on in Llanelli this weekend: an official policy-driven version and then an unofficial one involving hushed tones in corridors about post-election deals.

Senior figures are particularly frustrated by the latter, but the two are inextricably linked.

The reality is that if any of Plaid's policies are going to see the light of day then deals will have to be done with other parties.

First on the policy front, this has not been a conference to set out new details, instead it's been about setting out the main policies.

On health, the line will be that it is attempting to do something (the integration of health and social care) that no-one else has, and on the return of the WDA, again the line will be that Plaid is coming up with policies no-one else has considered.

On post-election deals, Leanne Wood, in an interview with me for the Sunday Politics Wales, gave what was her first red-line in any negotiations when she said Plaid wouldn't consider any kind of deal with Labour so long as it presses ahead with a £1bn M4 relief road.

I suspect there won't be any other red lines at this stage in the game.

The relentless anti-Labour bashing is a reflection of the lack of appetite for Plaid to enter into a coalition with its former partners.

Could one happen now? Some say it will be a long hard slog to build up relations, while others say much of what has been said will be forgotten if the leaders of both parties can reach some kind of agreement.

A coalition with the Tories has been ruled out, but an informal deal has not, although it's difficult to see any meaningful tie-up between the two parties with Leanne Wood in charge.

There's been talk of wanting to lead a potential new government. The Carmarthen east candidate and former MP, Adam Price, spoke of a potential earthquake happening in Welsh politics.

The thrust of that argument only works if the demise of Labour is matched by upward momentum from Plaid and in terms of electoral gains that is something that's been totally lacking in recent years.

Plaid talk of the big push on the doorstep over the next two months, it's going to need one.

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