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Alan Rickman: Your memories

Photo of Alan Rickman as Professor Snape Image copyright Warmer
Image caption Alan Rickman as Prof Snape in the Harry Potter films

Acclaimed British actor Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69. His family has said that he had been ill with cancer.

Friends and fans have been sharing their tributes on social media and with the BBC. Here is a selection of them.

Image copyright Jean Verdel Alexander

Jean Verdel Alexander says: "I painted this originally in 2009, because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and also a huge Alan Rickman fan. I first noticed him as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, and I was immediately hooked."

Fans have gone to great lengths to show their loyalty to the actor

Image copyright Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson has had this tattoo of Rickman character Prof Snape's coat of arms put on her arm, she says: "My life wouldn't be the same with Alan Rickman's influence. I'm so heartbroken."

Image copyright Juliana

Juliana, who lives in Buenos Aires says: "I saved up for a year, quit my job, got on a plane all by myself and flew to New York just to see him on Broadway. After the show, he came over to us. He thanked me for coming and for the support. That was just my dream come true."

A true gentleman

Christina Klein-Bissett, in Edinburgh, writes: "I had the enormous pleasure to interview Alan several times as a journalist. When I spilled some red wine on my dress during an interview, he just took me by the hand and across the street to a really nice store to buy a new one for me."

Image copyright @AprilDiamond28/Twitter
Image caption Jen Avery with Alan Rickman in 2008

Jen Avery shared this photo and told us: "This is such terrible news. I met Alan Rickman when we were at the premiere of the movie Bottle Shock in New York, 2008. He was very humble and quiet. He was very kind to all of his fans, and he patiently greeted each and every one."

"I sold him a magic trick."

David Mckeown writes: "I once sold Alan a magic trick when I worked in Hamleys [Toy Shop]. I thought he was a wizard already!"

Isadora Fitzgerald, of Cork, writes: "I met Alan Rickman as a runner for the King's Head Theatre in Islington. I asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, and he very gruffly said, 'Yes.' When I handed the tea to him, he looked directly at me and said, 'I am awfully sorry, my dear, but I have a terrible cold!' I was shocked he had the kindness to apologise to me when I was only a runner."

Image copyright Cory Hayslip
Image caption Cory Hayslip shared this photo of Alan Rickman outside a New York theatre in December 2011.

Robert Leather writes: "I once knocked Alan Rickman on his back when I swung open the doors of Nottingham Royal Theatre and caught him mid-stride. When I recognised him and shouted out, 'Oh my god! You're Alan Rickman!' he just gave me that look and then started laughing. He was one of the nicest people I've ever met, even more so given I assaulted him with a door!"

Image copyright Ginger Wright

Ginger Wright, in Alabama, shared this photo. She told us: "This was outside the stage door at the Golden Theatre in Manhattan. My sister and I saw him perform in Seminar, and he was amazing. He had tonnes of fans waiting for autographs, and he took the time to sign everything. It was a wonderful experience."

Tributes from around the world have been emailed to the BBC

Samm McEwan, of Detroit, writes "Alan Rickman was dearly beloved here in America. His type of humour pulled characters together in a very real way. Alan's more serious roles touched my heart in countless ways, what range. He will be sorely missed, we'll never forget you, Alan, thanks for all of your memorable characters. R.I.P."

Mirzad, of Belgarde, writes: "In a dark, dark Serbia, just a few years after the war, I received a call from my cousin in France telling me about a movie I ought to see. I tried downloading it with my dial-up internet, but it didn't work. I waited months to see it in a cinema. That was the best decision of my childhood - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! Snape taught me back then that things are usually not what they seem, that great causes demand great sacrifices and, finally, that the good ones will love you to the very end, after all that time. Always."

Misaki Nagabuchi, in Japan, says: "I'm deeply shocked, terribly sad - a big loss. When I was younger, I saw him in Sense and Sensibility. It didn't take a long moment to fall in love with him and his acting talent. His films made my life much better. My life has been always with him."