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Natalie Cole: Your memories

Angie Carter with Natalie Cole Image copyright Angie Carter
Image caption Fan Angie Carter had her picture taken with Natalie Cole at Pier Six in Baltimore, US

US singer Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat 'King' Cole, has died at the age of 65.

She died on Thursday night at a Los Angeles hospital, her publicist told the Associated Press news agency.

The singer had a number of hits including Miss You Like Crazy, Pink Cadillac, This Will Be, and Unforgettable, a duet with her father.

People have been paying their tributes on social media.

Musician, Lenny Kravitz remarked on the sadness of the news at the start of 2016:

Image copyright lennykravitz / Instagram

Veteran singer, Tony Bennett posted his tribute on Instagram:

Image copyright itstonybennett / Instagram

On Facebook, Marco Panascia posts:

Image copyright Marco Panascia / Facebook

Claressa Monteiro recounts her story of when she met Natalie Cole:

Image copyright Claressa Monteiro / Facebook

Many people mentioned the remarkable father and daughter duet on the song Unforgettable. @priusport tweets:

Image copyright @priusport / Twitter

@kirkflamous's tweet also includes a nod to Nat 'King' Cole:

Image copyright @kirkflamous / Twitter

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