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The Syria vote on social media

As MPs gear up for a vote over whether Britain should carry out air strikes in Syria, on social media a conversation has already begun about the vote.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said there is "growing" parliamentary support for air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets, adding it is "the right thing to do" and in the national interest.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is granting his MPs a free vote on the matter.

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Dorset MP Robert Syms told the Daily Echo: "The threat from Isis has reached unprecedented levels and it is in our national interest for action to be taken to stop them."

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On social media, voices opposing any extension of air strikes appear to be louder.

The hashtag #DontBombSyria has been tweeted more than 270,000 times in the past week and triggered related hashtags, including "Syria airstrikes" and "Syria Vote."

This intriguing interpretation of the hashtag was posted on Instagram by @lmjr86

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Lisa Nandy MP told the Wigan Observer she planned to oppose UK air strikes in Syria. In contrast, Nottingham MP Chris Leslie is backing the government.

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However, some people are tweeting their MPs to ask them to vote for military action in Syria.

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Some are pointing out that the UK is already bombing IS (or ISIS) in Iraq.

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While others are saying there must be some reaction after the recent Paris attacks.

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